Garouste et Bonetti

Garouste et Bonetti © photo Studio Harcourt

Garouste et Bonetti © photo Studio Harcourt


Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti are the most emblematic design duo of the end of the 20th century.

They began their collaboration, with the decoration of the Palace, the renowned nightclub in Paris.

Their first creations of lighting and furniture were published in the early 80s by the gallery En Attendant les Barbares.

Turning their backs on the aesthetics then in force, their inspiration is surprising and iconoclastic, in turn primitive, poetic, baroque, ultra sophisticated or with a kitsch connotation.

In 1987, their decoration for the Haute Couture house Christian Lacroix gave them an immediate notoriety.

Heads of a movement followed by many other designers, they restored the use of craftsmanship and noble materials. Ironsmiths, bronze founders, gilders, cabinetmakers, ceramists, glassmakers, all participate in this creative renewal.   The numerous pieces in wrought iron, edited by En Attendant les Barbares are made by Pierre Basse, ex-ironworker of Diego Giacometti, who works exclusively for the gallery.

They were awarded the Creator of the Year award at the Salon du Meuble in 1991 and are exhibited in several museums: Pompidou Center, Grand Hornu (Belgium), Guggenheim Museum (USA), Victoria & Albert Museum (Great Britain), Witney Museum USA).

They separated in 2001, after a final joint exhibition for En Attendant les Barbares.

Their creations have become, over time, classics sought after by collectors. The gallery continues to edit their pieces, furniture and lamps, the artisanal mode of production allowing a bespoke approach, defining dimensions and finishes. In this way, reinstating with the great tradition of the French Decorative Arts.


Elisabeth Garouste & Mattia Bonetti by Nadia Croquet, Pierre Staudenmeyer - Editions Dis Voir (1998)
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Design Monographs: Garouste and Bonetti by Alex Buck, Matthias Vogt - Birkhauser Basel (1996)
Garouste & Bonetti: Mobilier De La Maison De Haute Douture Christian Lacroix by Sotheby's (2010)

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